About Skyconseil

Skyconseil was born from the desire to put the engineer back in the center of the company’s strategy by putting forth the human dimension in the sector of scientific and technical engineering. This philosophy contributes to enhancing the potential of innovation and excellency of our engineers while promoting synergies within the teams and the emergence of new technological ideas. Apart from the fact that we do not employ sales representatives, one of the differentiating characteristics of Skyconseil is its distinct method of management which allows each Skyconseil engineer to take responsibility for the development of the structure. Our selective recruitment system contributes to fostering profiles with high added value and who wish to be a part of the development of our domains of expertise.

Our Values

Our team, creative and innovative

Our team, composed mainly of engineers from prestigious schools, intervenes in highly technological occupations. Knowing how to innovate means knowing how to invent the systems of tomorrow. It means knowing how to adapt to the ever-changing world.
At Skyconseil, it is precisely this potential for innovation that we develop and promote.

Our team, pursuing excellency

Each day, the world of aeronautics and space, a high-technology sector, forces us to face ever harder technical problems. The mastery of the “time to market” constraints is also fundamental in this highly competitive sector. Aware of these challenges, our team works with a desire for performance and excellency, in order to optimize the "quality / cost / time" equation.

Our team, the cohesion mindset

Skyconseil is characterized by a corporate culture based on mutual respect, communication and collective strength. Our innovative method of management is based on taking into account the expectations and aspirations of each and every one while promoting the involvement of engineers in the business project. At Skyconseil, we encourage individual initiatives and value new ideas in a true team spirit. Common sense, a source of proposal, an ability to globally envision projects, such is the Skyconseil spirit. Let s move forward together to design the systems of tomorrow !

Our team, embracing the World

Since its creation, Skyconseil has been carrying out a commitment in favor of diversity and professional equality. Skyconseil s wealth is based on the diversity of its teams. We are convinced that diversity is a major asset in terms of team cohesion, talent attraction and preservation, innovation and the ability to adapt to change. Our team Skyconseil is the reflection of the diversity of ethnic, social and cultural origins.

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